Stuck in the middle.

I was just feeling/thinking about america this way today: that america in strongly negative towards Black people, that america is not for Black people- as obviously shown by the actions of the terrorist police across america via their behaviors towards black americans. Where do I stand on this? We humans are all the same on this lonely little planet Earth. It’s just us humans here. I have no hatred or racism towards any one race. I am African America. We were all created and birthed the same way- we all arrived on planet Earth the same way- thru our Mothers. I treat others fairly as I treat myself. I strive for my own personal perfection so that I might be a better person towards others. I fairly lend a hand to any one who needs help not withholding because of their ethnicity. I’m an Afrofuturist who feels stuck in the middle. In my daily life, i think about far out scientific inventions, science fiction, art, and music. I try not to let it capture me: another person’s racist thoughts towards me because of my Skin Color. I want to help save the world and make it a brighter place to live with art, stories and music. I’d love to get over the silly ethnicity war with other human beings that We, as a finally united force- living under one planet “roof”- can actually begin to take better care of ourselves and the planet. I want this to be in the for front of Our minds, and not- ” oh i cant get a job because i’m black”. Why should I even have to worry about not finding employment, because dozens of employers have passed over my resume/application I’m suspecting because I’m Black and degreed living in New Mexico and am not a Hispanic male or White anything. It doesn’t matter that i have a degree. I guess because america isn’t FOR Black people. It’s really fucking unfair.

P.s. If you are a manager and have the ability to hire employees yet you pass over a certain applicant because you think the name sounds black- fuck you for giving homelessness and the inability to provide for ones own self-a universal obstacle felt by all- a Color! Fuck you for perpetuating this ideology.

I’m a frustrated Afrofuturist who is stuck in the middle of a war that took place tween my father and grandfathers- I’m here to help the world grow up and perpetuate the belief that: what I do, and not the color of my skin, determines the value and merit of me- a being living on planet Earth- like every body else.

Just finished this today. Give it a listen. Lenny Kravitz Vs. Rishi Bass & MellyMel
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